Valhalla Complete Viking Scented Beard Bundle Kit - Beard Oil, Balm, Soap, Mustache Comb &Amp; Beard Comb - Beard Gains

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  • Complete Beard Care Kit: Compact size allows for portability wherever you go. Whether your shirt pocket or pants pocket, always ready when your beard needs a touch up. Not to mention a great conversation piece and additional bragging rights on why your beard is better.

  • Beard Styling Balm: Control your beard frizz and wild hairs. Help give a structured cleanliness look to your man face by providing a moderate mold, hold & tame your beard.

  • Organic Beard Soap: Organic is always better and like most common shampoos and conditioners. Our beard soap will soften, clean & moisturize, without the unhealthy chemical additives that do more harm to your skin and hair than good.

  • Organic Beard Oil: Moisturize & stimulate beard growth by feeding your beard & skin the proper organic nourishment. Our balm helps prevent dryness of the skin & hair which helps reduce beard hair breakage & split ends.

  • Beard & Mustache Comb: Pros in combs with over 70 designs! We don't deal with China beard combs like other companies ours are American made with premium woods, hand finished to perfection and topped off with the dopest designs on the market.

WHAT IS EVERYDAY CARRY?: Everyday carry (EDC) refers to various items, usually small, that are worn or carried by a person on a daily basis for use in everyday tasks. With our EDC kit a man has everything needed to take care of his beard all in one package! Luxury high end products that's made for a man and loved by women. PRISTINE LUXURY BEARD BALM: The bar is set high with this superior, awesome smelling beard balm that's designed to make your beard healthier, softer, & smell amazing! Each balm is carefully hand crafted from premium all natural & organic ingredients off a free range goat milk farm in the Southern hills of Alabama. -After quality tested & approved, each balm is then poured & sealed to effectively lock in the same compelling scent since day one. LUXURY BEARD OIL: .5oz of oil imported directly from India, Beard Gains has the purest, most expensive oils bottled to perfection for your beard. No corners cut, all of our concoctions are vigorously tested to ensure no rash, redness or irritation. -Some oil blends have taken upwards of 10-12 months of research & development till perfected. BRASS KNUCKLES MUSTACHE COMB: Stainless steel high grade alloy that's sturdy enough to withstand heavy everyday use your typical wood and wooden facial hair combs can't. This is the perfect sized comb for convenient carrying without taking up too much pocket space. PARABAN & SULFATE FREE: No chemical additives: No parabens or sulfates. Organic, 100% halal, kosher. Made in AL, USA with ingredients you can trust.We know what we are doing over here and we're not making empty claims. It took us years to create the scented masterpieces that won't be duplicated anywhere else. Imported high-grade oils directly from India, insane combinations, & untouchable scents with mounds of potential essential oil benefits.