Tame'S Superior Beard Shaping Tool - New For 2019 - Multi Shape Beard Guide For Any Style - Built In Comb For Grooming - Beard Shaper With Beveled Edges &Amp; Measurement Lines For Precise Trimming

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  • 🔶 NEW FOR 2019 SEE WHILE YOUR SHAPING our popular beard guide tool is always a top choice for guys because it's transparent so you can see as you shape. A must companion to use with a Trimmer, Razor or Straight Edge. It features super thin beveled sides that won't hinder you as you shave. This allows you to smoothly Edge, Line Up, & Shape to perfection.

  • 🔶EASY TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN light weight and portable our high quality hardened plastic multi lineup tool has a built in comb for teasing out your beard hairs prior to trimming and measurement lines to help with precise symmetrical cuts.

  • 🔶 OUR REVIEWERS USE THE WORD QUALITY and that's our aim, from the opening of the storage envelope to the use of the beard edger, our men's beard trimming guide tool is a smart choice for anyone that wants to make his mustache, goatee, sideburns hairline and beard, behave.

  • 🔶 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If our beard template for men with multiple style shapes doesn't meet your expectations, simply return it. You have nothing to lose and a great looking beard to gain.

  • 🔶 HAVE YOUR BEARD LOOKING WELL GROOMED in no time thanks to our clear beard liner. It allows you to effortlessly fashion numerous diverse shapes according to your wishes. Start by referring to the beard guide starter pamphlet and make beard line up easy without the need of a barber. Get your's today

  • Color : Clear Orange

  • Size : 0.24 x 7.5 x 6.2

🔸Our beard lineup tool allowsyou to see as you shape. Metal shapers are durable but cold on the face, wood shapers can chip andwarp both are tools of an earlier time. Even many of the newer hardened plastic shapers that are both durable and comfortable to the touch are solid color so you can't see as you shape.

🔸Our templateisdesignedwith multi-shapefunctionality and made it transparent so you can see what you're doing. Wemade it be easy to hold easy to clean easy to transport and most importantly easy to use. With tapered edges and measurement points our clear orange shaping tool assists in curve cuts, step cuts, necklines, and goatees.

🔸Our beginner's instruction guide makes it's easy to start making your beard behave without the need of a barber right away. Light durable and transparent our multi shaping tool helps keep your beard well groomed and symmetrical without going through the painstaking effort of trying to achieve such a result freehand.

🔸Our growingfamily at Tame the Wild would love to have you join us so you can begin tomakeyour beard behave why not start today.