Oxeely 5Pcs Beauty Makeup Sponges Original Blenders Set, Latex Free Foundation Blending For Liquid, Cream And Powders

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  • Perfect Application -- helps to distribute product more evenly and smoothly and will not leave little particles of itself on your face to ensure a impeccable, streak-free application.

  • Premium Environmental Material -- It's environmentally friendly, soft an bouncy, do not soak up too much makeup product and easy to clean.

  • Non-allergenic and Odor Free -- latex free sponges and designated for sensitive people, do not harm your skin, non-toxic and odor free.

  • Unique Design -- Use the round base for foundation or blush, the pointy side to get into hard-to-reach areas (around the eyes, mouth, and nose) and the flat side for for contouring around the nose and eyes, different use helps to get a natural flawless finish.

  • Wet or Dry -- can be swelled and more softer and larger when wet, returning to its original size when it air dries.

  • Color : Pink, Black, Orange, Purple, Red

  • Size : Medium

1. Non-latex material, Non-allergenic and Odor Free.
2. Can be used wet or dry and both fits your hand perfectly.
3. Different shapes for better applying makeup.
4. Do not soak up too much makeup products.

How to clean the makeup sponge:
Make sure to clean the sponge with warm water after each use to prevent the spread of germs.
1. apply a few amount of cleanser on it, and lather gently using the fingers to release the makeup residual.
2. Rinse the sponge under running water until the water runs clear.
3. Squeeze out any excess moisture and air dry it.

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