Large Oval Paddle Brush Styling Brush By Better Beauty Products, Professional Salon Brush, 100% Natural Bamboo With 100% Soft Boar Bristles, For Natural Hair And All Hair Types, Wooden Oval Brush

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  • BRUSH & STYLE - Soft, natural boar bristles are suitable for most hair types, especially short, thin, fine to normal hair, and natural hair. Provides the smoothest look and feel for slicked back hair in a ponytail or bun. For natural or long thin to medium hair, section hair at scalp and work on smaller areas for best results. Not recommended for thick hair.

  • MEN'S HAIRSTYLES - Popular brush for all types of male hair of all ethnicities and styles.

  • TRADITIONAL DESIGN - Natural bamboo with 100% dark boar bristles and dark air-cushion.

  • MASSAGING - Boar bristles massage the scalp, promoting sebum production, the scalp's own naturally-produced oil that keeps hair from drying out. Boar hair is recommended over plastic bristles for those who have a sensitive scalp. Boar bristles leave your hair looking silky and soft.

  • CONTROL - Air-cushioned base allows the pins to mold to your scalp as you move the brush through your hair.

Large Oval Bamboo Paddle Brush for volumizing, smoothing, and hair texturing. Soft 100% boar bristles stimulate the scalp to release sebum, the hair's own natural lubricant. Strong boar bristle to base construction keeps bristles intact. When quality is important, and you don't want to spend a small fortune on a hairbrush, trust Better Beauty Products for your personal beauty needs. Salon quality hairbrushes reasonably priced for you, the smart buyer.