Feather Ss Japanese Straight Razor, Black Cover Set

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  • Super-engineered resin handle for excellent grip

  • Feather has created the most innovative razor in the world

  • Heat-resistant gum handle (up to 135 C, 275 F)

  • Cover set

Feather artist club ss razor - the ultimate replaceable blade shaving razor that is made with the strictest pursuit of comfortable razor shaving. The body is made of stainless steel which enables smooth shaving and resists heat, chemicals and other impurities. The rounded shaving head and optimal blade exposure provides a soft and smooth shaving experience. Providing excellent grip and control, the handle is made from silicone resin which resists heat up to 135. The blade head is a spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism and can easily be dismantled and reassembled for cleaning. The razor is autoclavable and disinfectant safe. Replacing blades: please use feather artist club blades for replacing blades. Simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out. Changing the blade is fast and easy. Please use caution when changing blades. Cleaning: the razor can be disinfected by either boiling or using ethanol. The razor head can easily be dismantled and cleaned from the inside by rinsing water directly on the mechanism. Do not use sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting. Recommended for professional beauty and barber use only.