Triple Vitamin Step (Set Of 3:Step 2,3,4)

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  • Dip Powder Liquid

Step 2: Base Coat The Base Coat is used before adding a layer of dipping powder. It used with each layer to create an even and long lasting coat. Step 3: Activator The Activator is used to harden the powder and seal in all the previous layers so the nail can be filed and buffed prior to the top coat. Step 4: Top Coat The Top Coat is the finishing touch to protect and make a hard, shiny surface to the top of the beautifully dipped nail. Step 5: Cuticle Oil Cuticle Oil is the finishing touch on any healthy nail. It adds the needs moister back into the skin and cuticle after the dipping process has concluded. Step 6: Brush Restorer The Brush Restorer is for cleaning the base, top and activator brushes between and during applications. It dissolves any power or residue left over from the application.